Home buyer not smart in terms of mortgage

The Dutch are shockingly ignorant in the field of mortgages. That is what Lender research agency says on the basis of a study. Home buyers also hardly take the time to choose a mortgage. While they could gain more financial benefit by properly preparing for their mortgage choice. There is still a lot of ignorance

Banks raise mortgage interest

Various mortgage providers have raised the interest rate on the mortgage in recent weeks. Both the rates for fixed-rate periods and some variable rates have been adjusted upwards. In addition, the interest rate will also be increased on 1 July. Most large Dutch banks have raised the mortgage interest rate These include ABC, National Bank,

Mortgage interest rate development July 2017

How does the interest rate develop in July? Read our mortgage interest expectation. This month we see the market interest rate rise again. How do the banks respond? Increasing trend interrupted In June, the rising trend in mortgage rates was interrupted again. After disappointing inflation figures, investors’ confidence in economic growth turned out to be

Instant loan without credit bureau for the unemployed

There are many unemployed people who seek to use credit to bridge their financial bottlenecks. Many wish at this point the instant loan without credit bureau for the unemployed, because the normal banks in Germany awarded by a negative credit bureau information no credit. Unemployment, however, presents a particular difficulty with each loan, because the