The Dutch are shockingly ignorant in the field of mortgages. That is what Lender research agency says on the basis of a study. Home buyers also hardly take the time to choose a mortgage. While they could gain more financial benefit by properly preparing for their mortgage choice.

There is still a lot of ignorance when it comes to mortgages, according to the study’s conclusion. For example, a majority (61%) of Dutch people with a mortgage do not know that the interest on this is only deductible for 30 years. And a relatively large number of Dutch people cannot or hardly indicate what their financial product actually entails. “That’s amazing,” say the Lender researchers. “Because more than half of the Dutch have taken out a mortgage”.

Minimum preparation


According to Lender, this ignorance in the area of ​​mortgages is partly due to the poor preparation that many consumers allow themselves. It appears that almost a quarter of the Dutch population took less than four hours to find a mortgage. An equal number of people spend more time choosing a new car than choosing a mortgage. “While you would expect that consumers would not go crazy overnight when it comes to such important and complex financial decisions.”

Less financial benefit

Less financial benefit

The poor preparation when purchasing a mortgage works to the detriment of the consumer financially. “The Dutch would be able to gain more financial benefit if they came up with some more gear. The difference between an optimal and a less optimal choice of mortgage, after all, can sometimes be more than a few holidays in terms of money, “according to the Lender researchers.

Good preparation for Wise Men of Gotham

Good preparation for Wise Men of Gotham

With the Wise Men of Gotham mortgage modules you can prepare perfectly for choosing a mortgage. For example you can:

  • compare all mortgages on mortgage interest rates and conditions
  • calculate your maximum mortgage
  • determine which type of mortgage suits you best.
  • read more information about mortgage types.

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