“Anyone who has had the same car insurance for a year or more can save hundreds of euros by looking for and taking out cheaper insurance. Particularly if a car insurance policy was taken out a long time ago, transferring means a lot ”. The Consumers’ Association writes this in the money of July / August.

The association recently conducted research into the premium differences between motor insurance policies. The difference between the lowest premiums and the average premiums with a motor vehicle liability insurance appears to be 200 euros to more than 500 euros.

It concerns cars from different car classes

It concerns cars from different car classes

The differences are greatest for large cars and for drivers in densely populated areas.

Only new customers benefit


Switching to another car insurance is rewarding for almost all motorists (98%). This appears from a similar study by Lender. Even car owners who already opted for cheap car insurance two years ago can save on average 171 euros per year (30%). For car owners who have had the same car insurance for a long time, the benefit amounts to many hundreds of euros per year. By comparing all car insurance policies, policyholders can easily find out how much they can save.

Premium war


In the past year, car insurers have lowered premiums, sometimes by twenty to thirty percent. The Consumers’ Association even talks about a premium war. The reason for this is the increasing competition between car insurers. The rise of the internet insurer plays a major role in this. There are also fewer and fewer car accidents, which means that insurers have to pay less damage.

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