Loan duration: how long does a loan last?

  The duration of the loan indicates the period within which the person who has obtained a loan must repay it to the creditor. The repayment includes, in addition to the loaned capital, also the interests agreed by the parties and the accessory costs defined by the contract. The duration of the loan is one

5 tips to keep a good credit history

  The credit history is of much greater importance than it really is, and well, having a good track record will undoubtedly open many doors to various financing with banks, soles, and solomes. That is why we have 5 tips to keep a good credit history and enjoy all its benefits. The credit history in

Apply for loan in Switzerland – how does it work?

Many people have already heard of a loan from Switzerland and assume that it must be applied for directly in Switzerland. Thus, many consumers credit without credit bureau a concept, but more accurate know only a few. No prospective banker must travel to Switzerland if he wants to apply for a loan in Switzerland. The