Many people have already heard of a loan from Switzerland and assume that it must be applied for directly in Switzerland. Thus, many consumers credit without credit bureau a concept, but more accurate know only a few. No prospective banker must travel to Switzerland if he wants to apply for a loan in Switzerland.

The possibility to apply for a loan in Switzerland

The possibility to apply for a loan in Switzerland

For the German customers, the foreign banks have brought this loan on the market and it is a special product. The loan without credit bureau is a small loan, because the maximum loan amount is 3,500 euros. The big advantage of the loan is that no credit bureau information is obtained from the Swiss banks and no payment is made to the credit bureau if payment is made. Anyone who has a generally good credit rating as a loan applicant and is only rejected because of credit bureau at German banks can apply for a loan in Switzerland.

Many of the potential creditors also turn to the Swiss bank, because they do not want a loan in the credit bureau information.

Apply for a loan in Switzerland – The credit intermediaries

Apply for a loan in Switzerland - The credit intermediaries

Anyone interested in a loan without credit bureau will have to contact a credit intermediary. However, after the number of providers is very large, there are now many dubious and reputable credit intermediaries. A reputable credit intermediary works with banks domestically and abroad and can also arrange a loan without credit bureau. The consumer must always be aware that the cost of borrowing can be significantly higher, however, compared to German banks.

On the installments, the commission for the mediation will then be allocated to successful brokerage. Also, not every prospective loaner gets a loan if he has a negative credit bureau. The Swiss loan is only suitable for persons who have a permanent position and a regular income. This income must be relatively high, which must be above the attachable order of magnitude. Retirees, the self-employed and the unemployed are not welcome and here it can often come to a rejection.

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