The credit history is of much greater importance than it really is, and well, having a good track record will undoubtedly open many doors to various financing with banks, soles, and solomes. That is why we have 5 tips to keep a good credit history and enjoy all its benefits.

The credit history in the Credit Bureau is that cover letter that banks and other financial institutions evaluate before giving you any credit.


This is a record of all the credits you have and have had (active or not) from 6 years ago to the date of consultation.

Here the banks can verify if you are a good payer and if you have the solvency to be able to acquire another loan. If there is no such history, it is almost 100% likely that you will not obtain any major category financing such as a car, home or personal loan of high amounts.

5 tips to maintain a good credit history

5 tips to maintain a good credit history

Ideally, to have access to multiple credits is to keep the credit history of the Credit Bureau healthy, for this you can follow these simple tips:

Avoid the minimum payment

Paying only the minimum amount indicated on the statement is a common practice but not at all favorable for your record. You should only resort to these types of payments when you have the obligation to comply with your credit card payment and it is not enough for you to pay more.

Do not accumulate credits

The idea of credit history is not to have a record full of financing, but the few that are shown to show good management. There is no use in your history showing several cards and some pairs of credits if they show arrears.

Schedule payment dates.

In the case of credit cards and non-domiciled credits, it is important to schedule payment dates. For one reason or another it is sometimes understandable that you miss a payment date, but … Will the bank understand this? DO NOT! The bank simply detects it as a delay and fines you with commissions and a bad score in the registry.

A total hoax that many people fall into is the publicity of some credit repair companies . Many advertise themselves as Sana Loan! We got you out of Loan! And this is simply IMPOSSIBLE!

You should be aware that, if you pay your debts through a take-off , the bank will turn a legend 92 or LC to your credit history, which will affect your access to the credits during the next 6 years after the payment date.

Do not lag debts

Remember that all debt will remain active in the Credit Bureau until you pay it off. It is useless to stop paying (No matter how small), since this only affects your history. Make an effort and settle those small debts that only stain your record. So you can keep active and current major credits.

It is not great science to maintain a good credit history.


The trick is to know how to manage what is requested and what is paid, follow these simple tips to maintain a good credit history and you will never be denied financing for reasons of history Luck!

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